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Dr. David Sorensen DMD, PC

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Dr. David J. Sorensen, DMD, PC

General and Cosmetic Dentistry In Spanish Fork
and surrounding areas


We live in an age where an infected tooth can be treated and restored. Root canal therapy, sometimes called endodontic therapy, has become a routine dental treatment and can remove the cause of discomfort from inside a tooth before more serious problems result.

Occasionally, bacteria may reach this inner “pulp” and cause discomfort and inflammation. The diseased material must be promptly removed to preserve the surrounding tooth and gums. A root canal can save the healthy portion of the tooth and prevent swelling or infection

 Root canal therapy saves healthy teeth by removing the source of infection. The treatment is usually completed in one to two appointments.

If you're suffering from tooth pain, it is important that you see a dentist as soon as possible, to ensure that you don't lose a tooth unnecessarily. So contact  us today to schedule your appointment.



Dr. David J. Sorensen, DMD, PC • General and Cosmetic Dentistry • Spanish Fork and surrounding areas